Nathan Seawater


As President of SMIF, my primary goal is to aid fellow students in building their knowledge of the capital markets with powerful financial tools as well as strive for an atmosphere that will allow for SMIF to continually improve. A special thank you is owed to my extraordinary mentors: Professor Ko, CFA, Professor Lucas, CFA, Matthew Bui, George Uriarte, Vivian Tang, Liz Andalon, Olivia Hill, Kenny Wolin, and many, many more. Thank you.

Kenny Wolin

Vice President

I am a senior at California State University, Fullerton majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance, Vice President of the Student Managed Investment Fund and the Director of Operations for the Finance Association. Upon graduation I will be seeking opportunities as a financial analyst in asset management, investment banking, wealth management, and corporate finance.

Alexis Hartman

Director of Equity

As the Director of Equity, I oversee the execution of strategic plans for the equity division of the portfolio while fostering a supportive, collaborative learning environment for junior analysts. I strive not only to achieve the portfolio's objectives but also to lend a hand to fellow students and assist in the development of their financial analysis skills.

Gabriel Lopes Vendeth

Director of Fixed Income

At SMIF, my mission is to ensure the fixed income division of the portfolio is sound while effectively directing necessary strategies to leads and junior analysts alike. I also aim to encourage fellow students to learn and apply critical thinking, cooperation, and technical skills in order to foster a deeper understanding of financial markets.

Matthew Bui


I aim to promote an enriching learning environment by encouraging collaboration and maintaining a healthy and professional work environment. Building upon our past leadership's success is my duty, and my goal is to consult and structure the club to win the Request for Proposal (RFP) competition. Lastly, I strive to build the reputation of CSUF within the world of finance.

Leizel Andalon


As Secretary of SMIF, my goal is to help create a supportive environment among members, allowing my fellow classmates to strengthen their analytical skills while sharing their knowledge of finance and investments with one another. Also, I will strive to enhance SMIF's classroom setting into a professional environment.

Jacie Chan

Compliance Officer

As a Compliance Officer of SMIF, I help organize and manage the SMIF portfolio to ensure, my team are within standards of our clients Investment Policy Statement (IPS). My goal is to guide my fellow classmates in understanding financial analytical skills as well as developing a professional business environment. I strive to learn as much about the world of finance and share the knowledge among my peers.


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