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Jericho Cezar



Nicholas Laica

Vice President

I am currently a junior at California State University, Fullerton majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Finance with the hope of pursuing a career in asset management. As the SMIF President, I am excited to provide incoming analysts with hands on asset management experience and guide them through the different tools we use to analyze securities and macroeconomic trends. Thank you to Professor Ko and Professor Lucas for and unconditional support and providing a learning environment where we can explore the market.

I am currently a senior at California State University, Fullerton majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. As Vice President of SMIF, I aim to encourage my fellow students to learn about investing via fundamental analysis while maintaining an environment that encourages open discussions, collaborations, and a professional work environment while adhering to our client's Investment Policy Statement. A special thanks to Professor Marica Lucas, CFA, Professor Kelly Ko, CFA, Professor Shane Kim, Nathan Seawater, Matthew Bui, and, my friend and SMIF President, Jericho Cezar. career and industry insight, networking tools, and job search tips. A special thanks to Prof. Lucas, CFA.


Alexandra Mendoza

Director of Equity

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Christian Merida

Director of Fixed Income

Meet Alex Mendoza the 2021-2022 Director of Equity for the Student Managed Investment Fund. She is the Captain of the CFA IRC Team #1 this year for Titan Capital Management, and heavily involved in the Finance Association. Her work with the Student Managed Investment Fund includes overseeing new and current analysts with investment reports. She enjoys networking, and is always happy to lend a helping hand. Alex hopes to make finance more approachable and inclusive for more students, and aims to be a positive source of motivation and presence.

At SMIF, my mission is to ensure the fixed income division of the portfolio is sound while effectively directing necessary strategies to leads and junior analysts alike. I also aim to encourage fellow students to learn and apply critical thinking, cooperation, and technical skills in order to foster a deeper understanding of financial markets.

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Connor Joe

Assistant Director of Equity


Luz Luevano

Assistant Director of Fixed Income

I am currently a Senior at CSUF and I am heavily involved on campus. I am the Executive Director of Special Events & Wellness in Business Honors, member of the IRC team in Titan Capital Management, member of the ASI Advisory Council, and this year’s Assistant Equity Director in SMIF. My role as Assistant Equity Director is to help the Equity Director in making decisions about sector allocation, meeting with the leadership team to discuss potential trades within the portfolio, and helping new analysts develop their financial analysis skills.

As Assistant Director of Fixed Income, I help organize and manage the SMIF portfolio to ensure my team is within standards of our clients Investment Policy Statement (IPS). I strive to guide my fellow classmates in understanding financial analytical skills all while developing a professional business environment. My goal is to be a resource for my peers as I aim to encourage and support them in their reports as well as learning experience.


Tuan Hoang

Equity Lead


Aaryaman Malu

Equity Lead

As an Equity Lead, I analyze market overview and outlook to adapt our portfolio to current market trends. Besides collaborating with the leadership team on strategic plans and sector allocation, I also try to assist new analysts in the development of their financial analysis skills.

I am a senior at California State University, Fullerton majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Equity Lead at the Student Managed Investment Fund and the Portfolio Manager for the Titan Capital Management’s Equity portfolio. As an Equity Lead, I aim to ensure that the equity division of the portfolio satisfies our client’s needs. I strive to encourage my fellow classmates to learn more about investing and guide them in any way possible. I am also interested in cryptocurrencies and I have been constantly doing research in that space.


Eira Tobrand

Client Liaison

I am a senior at California State University, Fullerton where I am double majoring in Economics and Business Administration, Finance. I am also a student athlete playing for the Women’s Tennis Team. As the Client Liaison for SMIF I will be responsible for the trade ticket and making sure our portfolio is staying within the guidelines outlined in the  IPS. During my year in SMIF I hope to make a positive impact on the portfolio and contribute to a welcoming and fun environment. I look forward to helping guide new investment analysts for SMIF while at the same time developing my own financial analysis skills.


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