New Leadership Inherits the Portfolio Amidst a Domineering Stock Market...

Portfolio as of 6-12-18 (Excel)

News / Updates

This is the first SMIF update since leadership has changed in April. Our new leadership team includes:

  • Mason Wong - President

  • Matt Kawashima - Vice President

  • Tien Nguyen - Secretary

  • Matt Bui - Treasurer

  • Nolan Thompson - Director of Equity

  • Jake Salvat - Director of Fixed Income

In addition, our portfolio template has been modified by our former President, David Fischer, with new aesthetics and features.

Throughout the Summer, we will be holding biweekly meetings on Saturdays to actively manage the portfolio and to prepare for the RFP in December. We will be also inviting prospective analysts to attend our meetings to get a head start in the Fall. If you are a CSUF student interested in the world of investments, please contact us at and/or fill out one of our applications on our website's About section.

Portfolio Performance since 3/30/18

Since our last update in March, our portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by 380 basis points (3.8%). We have had several strong performers since April 2. Our equity performance was led by MPWR +25.7%, ISRG +22.6%, CRM +18.1%, MSFT +15.4%, and PYPL +13.6%. For fixed income, HYG +1.9% led the way. Due to significant capital appreciation in a few of our securities, we will look to liquidate assets and reallocate to securities that fit our investment strategy.

Despite strong returns throughout April and May, our portfolio also suffered losses. BMY's -13.8% share price tumbled when it missed earnings and one of its primary competitors - Merck & Co., Inc. - announced positive results from a phase III study. Our other poor performers include the stock AMAT -3.6% and bond funds VCIT -0.9%, IEF -1.1%, and CMBS -0.7%. In the future, we will transition leadership teams more smoothly to potentially avoid downturns as drastic as BMY's.

Lastly, we sold out of our position in NKE on April 12, netting us +8.67% HPR. Due to the shoe industry being at high risk for decreased margins if tariffs were imposed, we were prompted to secure our returns and look for other opportunities.

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