Updates & Opportunities for SMIF

Hi Titans! If you are interested in joining SMIF for the spring semester, read ALL of the following. I look forward to meeting you in the spring.

Intersession 2017

Between now and the start of the spring semester, I will be working with a few DEDICATED students / potential members on the following:

  • Portfolio Building Workshops

  • Bloomberg Terminal Workshops

  • SMIF Analyst Report Workshops (Both Equity & Fixed Income)

Preference given to previous SMIF members with high attendance; max 10 people. Workshops will be on Saturdays. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, email me at dfischer@csu.fullerton.edu

Team Structure Changes

There will now be the following 3 tiers for members in SMIF:

  • Leadership (3 Officers, 2-4 Leads)

  • Analyst (10-15 Equity Analysts, 10-15 Fixed Income Analysts)

  • Jr. Analyst (10-20 students interested in learning)

This means the previous Equity, Fixed Income, and Economics teams will be merged from this point on. Additionally, there will be a significant increase in competition to obtain a membership spot.

Spring 2018 Application

Because of the new structure SMIF members will now need to fill out an application and pass an interview to join SMIF. Additionally, the price of membership will be $50 per semester.


  1. Submit an application form using the one of the links below which contain details of the position, requirements, and what we are looking for in potential members

  2. Once you pass the initial screening, you will be scheduled for an interview with the leadership team

  3. You will be contacted by leadership about your status shortly after

Application Links:

  • Leadership Application: Invitation by current leadership only. Email dfischer@csu.fullerton if you are interested but have not been contacted yet.

If you are unable to join SMIF this semester for whatever reason, follow this website for updates, as there will no longer be a SMIF email list. This website will be the new form of mass communication and will be updated weekly.

For any other club related questions, email leadership at csufsmifca@gmail.com


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