Equity Strategy


Find pockets of opportunity that offer relatively low risk. 

The SMIF equity team plans to use both bottom-up and top-down strategies to find the best opportunities to add to the equity portion of our portfolio. Additionally, the team will ensure that the correlation between portfolio securities is low to gain a diversification benefit. This portfolio's current target is 75% equity weighting of the $85k portfolio.

Growth vs. Value

SMIF has targeted a 60% growth, 40% value strategy, given the current economic environment and expectations going forward.

Fixed Income Strategy


Strategic asset allocation to beat the benchmark while providing stability for the portfolio. 

SMIF's fixed income team will be primarily using the top-down analysis to decide what asset classes provide the best risk-adjusted returns within the bounds of our policy statement. The fixed income team is currently restricted to investing in ETFs and mutual funds rather than investing in individual bonds. This portfolio's current target is 25% fixed income of the $85k portfolio.

Equity Reports